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Living in a home of your own should be a human right, and affordable to everyone. Soon the growing population around the world will bring new and unseen challenges, and they will encourage us to live in environmentally friendly and downscaled homes, powered by sustainable and alternate energy sources. We all have to think differently, we need to be creative, and we have to do this right.


Whether you are a student, an urban nomad, single or even a small family, we have developed for you a new and sustainable home with thorough use of environmental and reusable materials, insulated for all year and all kind of living, logic and practical design with significant concerns for any future needs. A home with all the needed thoughts included. That’s why we call this new kind of human housing Zettl. 


We need affordable homes, that is why we developed Zettl.


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Our first customers will be young and moving people, students and private individuals, who are looking for affordable and temporary housing, they can relate to and call their own for as long, as they like to do so. Zettl is scalable and customizable to match any expectations today and tomorrow, including the most ingenious and versatile design, any model in contemporary human housing has ever offered, why Zettl for less?

Pricing starts at EUR 14.900,- ex. VAT


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Tel: +45 30502670


Lars Stenfeldt Hansen

BLOXHUB - Copenhagen - Denmark

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